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Cahuita National Park


Cahuita National Park, located 43 km south of limon, is one of the most spectacular enclaves in the country. In 1970 was declared as National Monument by decree, but became Cahuita's National Park in may 1978. It protects 1106 terrestrial hectares, 600 coralline reefs hectares as well as 22400 marine hectares.

The fauna is variated and it is common to find capucin and congo monkeys, raccoons, white nosed coatis, sloths, squirrel and swampy forest birds such as green ibises, river kingfishers, tiger-herons, toucans and humming birds. there are also plenty of snakes, frogs and crabs.

the park has: information huts, tolilets, showers, paths, drinking watwer, diving and swimming areas and lunch and camping facilities in the area of Puerto Vargas.

undoubtedy, Cahuita is a town which gathers all the natural and cultural attractions of the Carribean and where the calm and peaceful population will help you realize there are other ways of living:far from the stressful, noisy and crowded big cities.

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