"Surrounded by Caribbean's jungle , a few steps from the Cahuita's beaches and National Park , the Costa Azul Lodge is the perfect
destination for your holidays "
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Around Us

There are manny options for having fun, such as butterfly gardens, iguana farms, towers for observing the birds migrating, botanical gardens, cacao tours, or visits to the banana and pineapple plantations. you can do a quad tour, rent motorcycles or bikes, visit the waterfalls or get lost in a lonely beach. In the Carribean everything is set so as to live the most thrilling experience.

Cacao Trails

At cacao trails you will learn all about the history of cocoa, the trees and fruit. you will also make chocolate in the traditional way with your own hands in our chocolate factory.


Aviarios Sloth rescue center

Aviarios strives to rehabilitate injured, ill and orphaned sloths and return them to the forest canopy. Dozen of adult sloths have been restored to health and reintroduced to the jungle. There aralso canoe trips for bird watching and jungle trails to explore. Your visit help support the sloth rescue center.



Not far away from Costa Azul Lodge you'll find Cahuita Mariposario, a garden full of wonderful free butterflies and tropical plants.

telephone 00506. 27550361


The Carribean has the best rivers for practicing rafting, such as Pacuare and Reventazon, both internationally known.

You'll find some travel agency in Cahuita wich will suggest you some tours all included.

Horseback riding

To go riding is always the beginning of an adventure either you are a beginner or an experienced rider. you can enter the jungle, ride by a riverside or trot in an idyllic beach.


In the carribean you will find original craftworks elaborated with materials from the jungle and the ocean, such as seeds, shells, bamboo or natural fibers. also the presence of different cultures enriches the artistic environment with different ideas and designs.


If you are after strong emotions, venture yourself to the tallest trees in the jungle and slide at top speed trough cables from one platform to the other at more than 40 meters heght. There are canopys in Puerto Viejo, Limon and Tortuguero.

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